Since the 1st November 2018, a new EU-Animal Breeding Regulation has been established. The German regulation of the ZVO (Zuchtverbandsordnung) will adjust accordingly. One of the new rules is the test for sires for the gene defect of WWS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome).

Since the 1st November 2018, in the new EU-Animal Breeding Regulation it says that the consideration of health traits such as defects or irregularities is mandatory. The test for WFFS is implied in this statement.

Breeding associations need to point out the WFFS on their websites starting 2019 as the new regulations also affect the German breeding area. The ZVO requires a WFFS chapter to be included in the breeding program. In some small breeds and pony breeds and also cold bloods there are also examinations for gene defects that have been going on for a longer period of time. The WFFS test compulsion for 2019 for riding horse stallions was initiated in September in a meeting of the Breeding Department of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN).

The Hanoverian November Auction 2018

The Hanoverian association ends their auction year 2018 with a successful November auction, where the average price of the auction was about 3000 Euros and it was the show jumping horses that dominated the show.

Even in the auction in October it was a showjumper that reached the highest price. The buyer was Cian O’Connor from Ireland. Also, the most recent price highlight goes to the UK: 79.000 Euros for Carissima v. Contendro-Graf Top bred and exhibited by Karsten Asendorf in Thedinghausen. Carissima is already the fifth foal from the Asendorf mare Gardefrau Top, that has advanced to a bestseller in Verden.

An Austrian Dressage Stable secured the second most expensive horse for 70.000 Euros. They took home Dante’s Daiquiri v. Dante Weltino-Avagon, bred by Nicole Nemits Garlstorf.

There were 74 riding horses in total who averagely acquired 18.784 Euros. Such an average price has never before been achieved in the Verden November auction. 32 horses went overseas and lastly to end the auction year, the head of sales events , Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said: “we are very pleased with the rundown and result of the auction, which is an impressive ending after the successful elite auction and the spectacular stallion market. A big compliment to our breeders and exhibitors. The event would not be possible without them.”

Westphalia and Oldenburg suggest testing for WFFS

In relation to the ongoing discussion of Warmblood Fragile Syndrome (WFFS), there has been a reaction from two of the oldest breeding associations in Germany. The Westphalian Studbook and the two Oldenburg associations recommend mare owners and stallion breeders to do a genetic test.  The results should be published and announced to the breeding associations.

On the homepage of the Westphalian Studbook two texts have been published. In the first post the associations share their position on the genetic deficiency of WFFS. They are concerned about the pathology and heredity and are also focused on the attitude of the horse breeding associations regarding this matter. Most of the German and European Warmblood breeding associations suggest not making decisions too quickly. The first set of tests done on KWPNs had results of 10 stallions being carriers of WFFS from 250 tested diagnosed stallions.

However, some European warmblood breeding associations also have taken more serious measures. The mutual objective of the breeders, stud owners and breeding associations needs to be the prevention of the pairing of WFFS-carrier animals, since there is a 25 percent chance that a foal is born with the risk of the genetic deficiency. Other than that this prevention also needs to be done, because pairing done deliberately of two WFFS carriers would be the concern of animal protection.


A charming filly by Grey Flannel

"NAME" is a particularly attractive and harmoniously filly built with high gear potential and a true nature changer.She is a filly by Gray Flannel and was born on June 10, 2018. Grey Flannel is a dressage youngster of international origin and an eye-catcher for the large dressage arena. Denisa Hit is by De Niro, who was 2008 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year. Denisa Hit's mother is St. Pr. Sissy. The mare is by Sandro Hit the dominant refiner with a modern look. Wir sind überglücklich und sicher, dass unser Stutfohlen ein zukünftiger Star sein wird!

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