[CIO Day 2] Team Equinara Secures Marciano Cup Three Years in a Row

If Team Equinara had an anthem, it would be have been the soundtrack of the show. The crowd applauded and cheered as Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto once again took home the Marciano Cup (1.35 m) as blue skies provided the backdrop to Sunday’s showdown, where spectators sat in every inch of shade to watch Indonesia’s best take center stage.

The 28 October marked the last day of the Cinta Indonesia Open 2018. There were only two riders clear in the first round, which were Ferry and Raymen Kaunang. Ferry and Bodius had the chance to go second in the jump off and clocked in a faster time and had a clear round.


Ferry won the very same Marciano Cup at the Cinta Indonesia event in 2016 with Zandor. And last year Yanyan Hadiansyah took over the podium, riding Bodius.  This time Ferry took Bodius’ reins and kept spectators on the edge of their seats to beat Raymen Kaunang with Maestro Blanco by 5 seconds. Ferry finished with the time of 36.89 seconds and Raymen finished with 41.89 seconds in the jump off.

In third place was Ferry again, with Grenadine and in fourth place was Yanyan Hadiansyah with Zandor! What an amazing achievement for team Equinara! And cheers to Bodius who won the Marciano Cup two years in a row.

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