Beneath the incredible landscape of Denkavkud there are 9 riders in the 1.30 m class in contention to win the trophy. All 9 riders have been engaged in thrilling combat in the first 2 rounds of the first day of this competition and the sporting drama continues right up to the wire in Denkavkud on the 16th of September 2018, where the competition benefits from incredibly strong horse and rider talent securing podium after podium on the circuit. It was a challenging test of strategy and on-the-go tactics as the riders lined up for the final round of the ION competition.

Another great contest has unfolded between the riders, and Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto fought to keep his first position in the rank. Even though he dropped a rail in the first round, he redeemed himself in the second round with another clear, which secured his first rank position. What a great win for Ferry and Grenadine and the entire equinara team!

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