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Larasati Wins Individual Gold

Larasati Gading won the SEA Games 2015 gold dressage (9/6). With her best friend Wallenstein 145, she finished with 74.300%.

The individual gold is her fourth SEA Games gold medal after 2011 (team and individual dressage) and 2015 (team and individual dressage).

Caroline Chew (Tribiani) grabbed he silver medal with 72.775%. While bronze went to Alfaro Menayang (Desperado) with 70.575%.

Larasati victory means that the Indonesian riders have made a clean sweep of the dressage titles. Three days earlier, the 43 years old rider won the team gold together with Alfaro Menayang, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Dewi Kunti Njoto.

SEA Games Hattrick for Ferry and Team

SEA Games 2015 is something special for Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto. With his mates in Indonesian Team, Larasati Gading, Alfaro Menayang and Kunti Njoto, Ferry won the dressage team gold with 206 579%.

This gold has become the third for Ferry in SEA Games. The silver and bronze medal went to Singapore (201 711%) and Malaysia (170 737%).

"This gold in Singapore SEA Games is something special. Two previous gold were from 2011 and 2013 SEA Games in Indonesia and Myanmar, "said Ferry.

Adinda Yuanita, Director of Equinara, witnessed the performance of Team Indonesia at the Singapore Turf Club. "I am proud of this result. Certainly not easy to score a hat trick at SEA Games and they managed to do that, "said Adinda.

Ferry also will compete in show jumping. Individual finals will be held on Wednesday (6/6) at the same place.

Singapore Wins Show Jumping Team Gold

Singapore topped the show jumping team competition at the SEA Games 2015. In front of their loyal supporters at Singapore Turf Club (8/6), they clinched the gold medal effortlessly.

Singapore Team had had 0 penalty after two rounds of competition. Three young ladies – Catherine Chew (Coquira), Janine Su Pheng Khoo (Snoopnose), Su Yen Cheong (Claim Collin) with 44 years old Predrag Marjanovic really showed their top performance.

Malaysia came second with the total 18 penalties followed by the bronze medalist Thailand with 20 penalties.

Indonesia Wins Dressage Team Gold

Dressage team Indonesia produced a superb performance at Singapore Turf Club (6/6). They grabbed the SEA Games 2015 gold medal. It’s the third time in a row after SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta and 2013 in Myanmar.

Indonesia Team – Larasati Gading (Wallenstein 145/72.605%), Alfaro Menayang (Desperado 172/67.132%), Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto (Douceur 3/66.842%) and Dewi Kunti Njoto (Don Alvarito/62.395) – had 206.579%. Well ahead of Singapore Team with 201.711%. Only the best three results (out of four) from each team go into the final result.

Singapore was leading after their last rider, Caroline Chew (Tribiani) scored 71.711%. But Indonesia still had their last rider, Larasati who was then scored 72.605% which was more than enough to secured the gold.

Malaysia got the bronze medal. They had 170.737% followed by Myanmar 157.027% and Cambodia 131.869%.

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