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Yanyan Wins Two Classes

After a speedy round in Arthayasa Stables, it was Yanyan Hadiansah who took home the Medium Tour 115cm. Yanyan on Granadine did the fastest round on the course build by Olaf Petersen.

That was actually his second win of the day. In the previous class, 100cm, Yanyan and the 9 years old Hannoverian mare also finished on top of the list.

The course was not so technical but in a Hit and Hurry Class (article 267) we can see plenty interesting ride by the competitors.

Ferry and Bodius 2nd at 140 Class

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto made a sharp turn into the fence number 7 in the 140 class jump off (26/4). But it was too deep for Bodius and the pole was dropped followed by the second last fence.

It was a bit disappointing for them after they showed a flawless round before the jump off of the APM Charity Show. Bodius looked fresh and so did Ferry.

“I had to cut the line in order to have a quick round. But there’s always a risk of course. The course by Hamood Al Tooqi was also challenging. But I give credit to Bodius. He just such a great horse,” said Ferry.

In the 120 cm speed class the day earlier, Ferry and Bodius became the winner.

3rd Place For Yanyan and Granadine

Yanyan Hadiansyah secured third place in APM Charity Show (26/4). This competition was the first outing for Yanyan with the the Equinara badge.

In the 115 cm class, Yanyan and Granadine had a one rail down. It was the gray oxer after the double combination designed by Hamood Al Tooqi from Oman.

“It’s just a bad luck. Granadine showed her great capacity over the fence and I am very happy with her today. Pretty sure we wil have a better run next time,” said Yanyan

Equinara Riders to Train in Germany

Equinara club continually strive to improve the ability of its riders. Training programs in Europe have been prepared.

Currently Equinara reinforced by two senior athletes Ferry Wahyu Hadianto and Yanyan Hadiansyah. They both prepared to several championships beetween 2015 to 2020 including the 2018 Asian Games.

After the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, Equinara programmed exercise in Germany and Belgium. There, the team that was founded by Adinda Yuanita has sport horses, stallions and brodmares for breeding.

"This August there will be a Championships in Verden. Athletes have to get used to compete in the international competition. There are a lot ough competition in Europe. Equinara have horses there. We would want our riders also get chances to improve, "Adina.

Ferry in June will compete in the SEA Games in Singapore. He will leave to train in Germany in  April-May 2015.

"Exercise abroad would be of great benefit. For the SEA Games, the competition will be tight. I hope i can win a gold,” said Ferry.

Ferry has collected two gold and one bronze SEA Games. Competition in Singapore will be very tight, he wil participate in show jumping and dressage.

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