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Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Zandor win 140 cm Grand Prix class!

After a long rest, Zandor is finally back in the game and even better he’s not just back he’s also better than ever! “He was very excited to be back in the competition arena. On the first day he was still looking around a bit, but in the Grand Prix he was amazing!” Ferry said after winning the Grand Prix of the National Equestrian Championships 2015 with the only clear round.

The Grand Prix was titled the Menpora (Youth and Sports Minister) Cup and was also the highest class of the overall competition. “The course was quite enjoyable. Less difficulties in terms of distances or technicalities, yet all obstacles were equal in height. It was built of only 140 cm high fences.” Ferry commented on the Course that was designed by Marco Behrens (FEI 3* - GER).

Following Ferry in second place was Adi Katompo with APM Serafina from APM Equestrian Centre and in third place we have another Equinara athlete Yanyan Hadiansyah with Equinara Bodius.

A Succesful Achievement- KEJURNAS EQUESTRIAN 2015 (National Equestrian Championship 2015)

After successfully holding the Menpora Cup in 2012, Equinara Horse Sports has once again organized a show jumping competition at Arthayasa Stables on the 19th-20th of September 2015. This time the competition was titled Kejurnas Cabang Olahraga Equestrian 2015 (National Equestrian Championship 2015) which was hosted together with KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) and Kemenpora (Ministry of Youth and Sports) where the riders fought for the Head of KONI Cup and again the Menpora Cup.

For this year’s competition, Equinara Horse Sports invited international officials Marco Behrens (FEI 3* - GER) as the course designer,  Joseph W.O Park (FEI 3* - KOR) as the  president of the ground jury and N.Y. Ho (SIN) as the member of ground jury. The competition classes included starter, novice, small tour, medium tour, pre- PON (national sport games) classes and last but not least the Grand Prix.


President of KONI Cup and Menpora Cup to be Held at Arthayasa

After organizing the successful Menpora Cup back in 2012, Equinara Horse Sports will once again hold a competition atArthayasa Stables on the 19th-20th of September 2015. This time it will be a national show jumping championship that will also include the President of KONI Cup and again the Menpora Cup.

Equinara will invite Marco Behrens (FEI 3* - GER) as the course designer and Joseph W.O Park (FEI 3* - KOR) as the president of the ground jury.

The competition will include starter classes, novice classes, small tours, medium tours up to the Grand Prix. The classes start from 50 cm and will be highlighted with the 140 cm Grand Prix Class.

Australia & Japan Qualified for the 2016 Olympic

Mixed feelings dominated Tuesday afternoon where the participants of Group G decided their qualification for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 at the foot of the Hagen Borgberg. Victory and defeat were close together for the 29 starters, because only two team tickets and one for the best individual rider were awarded at Hof Kasselmann.

The teams from Japan and Australia made it as the only squads to end the jumping competition with two rounds each with at least three evaluated results and at the same time reached the great goal - Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Two women from Taipei and New Zealand competed for the coveted individual ticket: Isheau Wong (TPE) and Samantha McIntosh (NZL) were both in the jump-off. However, the faster was Wong who finished the course in the saddle of the 11-year-old KWPN mare Zadarijke V in 36.38 seconds and has thus secured a starting place for her federation. McIntosh had the disadvantage with a 39.70 seconds ride and ended up with silver.


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