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Minister of Youth and Sports Supports Menpora Cup 2015

Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi supports equestrian event “Menpora Cup 2015. This championship will be held in September 2015 .

This was said during the visit Affairs Equinara equestrian team into the ministry office (8/4). Equinara is a club that will organize this championship .

"I appreciate if anyone wants to hold a big event like this. I hope through this event, our riders could experience such a highly competitive event," said Imam .

On the same occasion the Director Equinara Adina Yuanita explain Menpora Cup 2015 will be the second event that she organize.

"Previously we 've held this Menpora Cup in 2012. At the same time was also held the World Cup Qualification - Southeast Asia ," said Adinda.

Equinara have known as a riding club that has numerous achievements.

"At the SEA Games in 2011, Equinara’s horse, Zandor, and rider, Ferry successfully won one gold and one bronze in show jumping. Meanwhile Equinara rider Ferry Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto collected one gold from dressage,” said Adinda.

Mylord Carwyn Wins His First Competition

We have good news from Marl. Christina Fiedrich and Mylord Carwyn  (25/3) have just won  jumping challenge with a score of 8.2. It was Mylord's very first competition. He was the only pony on the starting list, the others are regular jumping horses.

This is the second achievement from Mylord. In April 2014, the bay stallion by Machno Carwyn - Dollar Dela Pierre – Voltaire secured the third place in Freispring Finale (Free jump Final) Competition.

Mylord got 8.8 points in the competition that was held in Munster Handorf. 35 ponies qualified to this final including another Equinara’s stallion, Captain Sparrow, who then became the winner.

Mylord  trains and stands at stud at Hengststation Rohmann.

3rd Place on Sunday 145cm

The 130-145 course was challenging , build by Olaf Petersen. From the first jump there were options concerning the distances for riders to take.

Six riders manage to go to the jump off including Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto on Bodius. Before Ferry’s turn they were three riders, one of them went clear. So Ferry made some tight turns to secure the podium place.

Everything was running smoothly until the second last fence. Bodius hind leg just brushed the pole but it was enough to send it down. 4 faults with the fastest time gave Ferry a decent third place.

Ferry and Bodius Second at The Speed Class

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto produced a good round on Saturday (21/3). At the 130 speed class that was held in Parongpong, Bandung, Ferry with Bodius finished at the second place.

The course was build by Olaf Petersen. Ferry and the 9 years old KWPN had a clear round but 1 second slower than the winner.

“I tried to go as fast as I can but also didn’t want to push Bodius too much because the ground was a bit slippery. Of course everybody wanted to be the quickest but I am very happy with the result,” said Ferry.

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