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[CIO Day 2] Team Equinara Secures Marciano Cup Three Years in a Row

If Team Equinara had an anthem, it would be have been the soundtrack of the show. The crowd applauded and cheered as Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto once again took home the Marciano Cup (1.35 m) as blue skies provided the backdrop to Sunday’s showdown, where spectators sat in every inch of shade to watch Indonesia’s best take center stage.

The 28 October marked the last day of the Cinta Indonesia Open 2018. There were only two riders clear in the first round, which were Ferry and Raymen Kaunang. Ferry and Bodius had the chance to go second in the jump off and clocked in a faster time and had a clear round.


[CIO Day 1] Cinta Indonesia Open: Team Equinara Dominates The Competition

The first day of the Cinta Indonesia Open kicked off with a win from Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto claiming the impressive victory with Grenadine in the 1.25 class on Saturday, 27 October 2018.

Ferry clinched the win far ahead of Raymen Kaunang with Maestro Blanco and Muhammad Akbar Kurniawan on Braveheart.

Adria Pratama Mulya Equestrian Center provided the backdrop to this weekend’s event, the beautiful world-class equestrian facility, in the sunshine, where Indonesia’s top show jumpers took center stage.

However, Ferry did not only rank first in this competition he also ranked fourth with Bodius, followed by Yanyan Hadiansyah on Zandor in rank five.

Team Equinara definitely stole the show for this class with these amazing results.

A Gold Medal for Equinara in Porda’s Most Challenging Show Jumping Class

On the last day of the event, Sunday, October 14, 2018, Yanyan and Granadine once again contributed another medal for Team Cianjur for the Show Jumping Individual 130 cm class where they won an impressive first place.

During the two-day competition with a total of four rounds, Yanyan and our stunning mare managed to be the horse and rider with the highest ranking. They were the only ones who achieved a clear round during the final round.

Equinara’s support and contribution to Team Cianjur resulted in a huge success with a total win of 5 medals, 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze for the team.

With the consistent wins and continuously improving performance, Team Equinara is quite confident about their place as the top-ranked equestrian team in the nation. The team’s accomplishment in this event prepares them for other challenging events that they have yet to conquer in the future.

Yanyan’s Double Clear Round in the 13th Porda Competition 2018

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Yanyan Hadiansyah, Equinara’s top athletes, joined Team Cianjur for the 13th Porda (Pekan Olahraga Daerah) held in Bogor, West Java on October 11-14, 2018. The venue of the event was in Pegasus Stable, Lido, West Java.

Equinara showed a great performance during this event with Ferry as team coach and Yanyan as rider.

Yanyan riding our ten-year-old black Hannoverian mare by Graf Top-Escudo, Granadine, were the only pair of horse and athlete during the event that achieved a double clear round for the Show Jumping Team 120-125 cm class on Saturday. Resulting in a bronze medal for Team Cianjur alongside athletes Reshwara Radinal and Anto Binarto.

The remarkable accomplishment of a clear double round placed Yanyan and Granadine in a high position in this competition. They were able to showcase a promising performance which may lead to an even greater achievement in the upcoming day.

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