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Equinara Training Program!

Have you been riding for a while now and feel like you are stuck on one level and struggle to go on to the next? Do you feel like your horse needs to be trained by professionals in order for them to perform better at competitions? Whatever you are struggling with or looking for in terms of improving your riding skills or your horse’s performance, we might have a solution for you.

Equinara has recently established a training program for riders and horses who wish to be coached and trained to improve their equestrian career. Equinara has been known for supporting and developing talented horses and riders to be the best they can be in their competition career.

So, whether you’re a dressage, showjumping or eventing rider holding the potential to represent your country, we can offer you all the support you need to perform your best in your chosen discipline. You will be supported by a top-class team of coaches, trainers and experienced support staff, plus you and your horse will have access to our partner's facilities. 
We can also offer you competition support for high profile events, visits to top level riders and trainers’ yards in Europe and access to a range of professional support services. 

Click here to apply or for more information: http://equinara.com/en/training-programme/equinara-training-programme

[ION DAY 1] Double Clear for Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Grenadine on the first day of ION

It has been an enthralling season for the Indonesian equestrian community as the Asian Games successfully came to an end. However, after all the hype of the Asian Games, we are back in business and are ready for a sizzling series of competitions. Team owners, managers and riders will be pulling out all the stops to achieve the best possible outcome in Parongpong.

Denkavkud plays host to the Indonesia One Nation Competition (ION) that facilitates multiple battles raging in the rankings of several classes that featured a four round show jumping tournament, where our rider, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto took center stage with our beautiful black mare Grenadine. The show began on the 13th of September and will continue until the 16th. On the 15th of September, the first day of the show jumping competition, Ferry and Grenadine have managed to jump a double clear round for the 1.30 m class. We are crossing our fingers for the Finals.

Beneath the incredible landscape of Denkavkud there are 9 riders in the 1.30 m class in contention to win the trophy. All 9 riders have been engaged in thrilling combat in the first 2 rounds of the first day of this competition and the sporting drama continues right up to the wire in Denkavkud on the 16th of September 2018, where the competition benefits from incredibly strong horse and rider talent securing podium after podium on the circuit. It was a challenging test of strategy and on-the-go tactics as the riders lined up for the final round of the ION competition.

Another great contest has unfolded between the riders, and Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto fought to keep his first position in the rank. Even though he dropped a rail in the first round, he redeemed himself in the second round with another clear, which secured his first rank position. What a great win for Ferry and Grenadine and the entire equinara team!

[CIO Day 2] Team Equinara Secures Marciano Cup Three Years in a Row

If Team Equinara had an anthem, it would be have been the soundtrack of the show. The crowd applauded and cheered as Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto once again took home the Marciano Cup (1.35 m) as blue skies provided the backdrop to Sunday’s showdown, where spectators sat in every inch of shade to watch Indonesia’s best take center stage.

The 28 October marked the last day of the Cinta Indonesia Open 2018. There were only two riders clear in the first round, which were Ferry and Raymen Kaunang. Ferry and Bodius had the chance to go second in the jump off and clocked in a faster time and had a clear round.


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