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Mylord Carwyn Secures 3rd Place In Munster

Mylord Carwyn, the 2011 stallion by Machno Carwyn - Dollar Dela Pierre – Voltaire secured the third place in Freispring Finale (Free jump Final) Competition.

Mylord got 8.8 points in the competition that was held in Munster Handorf, 9th April. 35 ponies qualified to this final including another Equinara’s stallion, Captain Sparrow, who then became the winner.

Two Ponies Qualify for Final

We have good news from Marl, Germany. Our pony stallions,  Mylord Carwyn and Captain Sparrow, competed in a free jump competition that was held in Hengststation Rohmann in the city of Marl. They performed great and both pony qualified to enter the final in Munster Handorf.

Mylord Carwyn was in superb mood and placed second. He scored 8,3 (8,6 for the acquirement and 8,0 for the technique). He showed the character of his father Machno Carwyn, who has been placed more than 25 times in international Grand Prix of which he won 7.

Costly 4 Faults

Nine riders competed in 145 class in Arthayasa Spring Competition (2/3). The course build by Rafiq Radinal was challenging with options between the fences.

Four of them went clear round including Ferry with Zandor. This couple entered the ring second. Unluckily, Zandor got slipped just 4 strides before third fence and knocked the pole down. With 4 faults, they settled in third place.

Ferry also competed in 135 class. He rode Zandor and Bodius, both went clear round. In the jump off Ferry chose to give Zandor a rest before heading the 145 class. With Bodius, Ferry got second place followed by Zandor in third.

Adi Katompo had his first experience with Giselle in 125 class. It was good as they got clear in the first round but knocked two fences in the jump off and snatched the second place.

Zandor in Top Form

Saturday (1/3) afternoon 140 class in Arthayasa went to Ferry and Zandor. They showed a perfect round in the speed class which happened to be the top class of the day.

Ferry and Zandor got a clear round and secured the first place. From the beginning of the week, Ferry claimed that Zandor was in top form. The result confirmed that thought.

In 130cm class, another Equinara rider also performed well. Kurniadi Mustopha on Bodius was the fastest in the 130 speed class. This was the first time Kurniadi, better known as Adi, compete together.

In this 130 class, Ferry/Zandor went second, only 0.11 second slower than Adi/Bodius.  Meanwhile Ferry in 120 class with Giselle got the third place with 4 faults.

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