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2nd Place for Charmona & Ferry

In Sunday (22/5), Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto entered the 90-100cm class with Charmona Royal. This class in Nusantara Equestrian Championship was the favorite. 42 horses and riders joined this class.

Ferry and Charmona Royal was the crowd favorite. They won the class the day before. But in Sunday, they had to settle in second place.

In the jump off, Ferry clocked 35.30 seconds. About 1.14 seconds slower than the winner.

3rd Place for Ferry in Front of Friends and Neighbors

The weather was cold and the ground was slippery after heavy rain before the 130-135 class in Parongpong Bandung. Yet in the power and speed class, 9 competitors attacked the course build by Christoph Johnen (Germany) right after the starting line, Saturday (21/5).

Ferry and Bodius came in to the arena with a lot of confidence. All the poles stayed in their cups and crossed the finish line in 31.34 seconds.

The time was not fast enough. They placed third but still happy with the good round watched by hundreds spectators, many of them were Ferry’s childhood friends and neighbors.

Charmona & Ferry Win The Speed Class

Charmona Royal and Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto were in top form on Saturday (21/5). For the first time this duo compete since the pony arrived in Indonesia last March.

In the Nusantara Equestrian Championship 90-100cm speed class, Charmona/Ferry and other 47 competitors tried to overcome the course build by Christoph Johnen (Germany).

In the end, Charmona and Ferry stopped the clock in 35.76 seconds, faster than any competitors. After the class Ferry who competed in his childhood backyard at Parongpong Bandung, described his horse and his round as “Really, really good. Charmona is super!”

Event Organizers Form an Association

Equestrian Event Organizer in Indonesia are now joined in an association. The equestrian event organizers have formed the Association of Indonesian Equestrian Event Organizer. To the reporters on May 18, 2014, the Association announced the formation of their association.

This association was formed with the aim of developing the equestrian sport. The members also discussed to determine the date of the tournament so as not to coincide. Equestrian sports are also expected to be a growing industry.

Equinara be one member of the association. Other members include Arthayasa, APM and Eqina.

The competitions scheduled to take place this year are Balaturangga Cup (Denkavkud) and Java Open (Eqina East Java) in June, 2014 RPMO (Pegasus / Eqina - August 15 to 17), the Chief of Police Cup (Ditpolsatwa / Eqina - September 26 to 28), Love Indonesia Open (APM Equestrian Center - October), Menegpora Cup (Arthayasa / Equinara - November) and Kawilarang Memorial Cup (Pulomas / Eqina December 12 to 14).

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