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20 MAY 2012

Zandor and Ferry participated in the second round of SEA League World Cup Qualifiers (145 cm) and  reached the second place with four penalties.
Brayen Brata-Coolen mounting on the horse Chris de Rose led the win despite the equal four penalties. However, Zandor and Ferry were no faster than Brayen with 3.56 seconds of lag. The third place went to Kurniadi Mustopo (3K JPEC) with his mount 3K Lund Star, gaining 12 penalties.

13 MAY 2012

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto proves himself as Indonesia’s top jumping rider following his win in the first round of  SEA League World Cup Qualifier (145 cm) on his mount Zandor. It was the final round in the Pazia Indonesian Grand Prix 2012.
The battle to take the first place in Arthayasa Stables, Depok, West Java, was tightly displayed. Two riders – Fery and Adi Katompo – mounting on 3K Lund Star, logged a clear round in the first leg. A jump off phase was set up to pick the winner on the Sunday game, May 13.

Adi started the game ahead of Ferry. Unfortunately, Lund Star failed on the last obstacle in the jump off with a 40.91 seconds tour. Ferry hit another clear round in the jump off and took the prime podium spot despite slower tour at 42.68 seconds.

13 MAY 2012

In his first outing after arrived in Indonesia, 5 years old KWPN Bodius showed a very good performance. With Denis Christian Sanjaya, Bodius placed third in Pazia Mini Prix 125cm class after a day before took second place in 110cm Small Tour Trophy.
Bodius and Denis managed the difficult 125cm course designed by Olaf Petersen with 1 time fault only behind Alvaro Menayang/Dynamite and Andry Prasetyono/3K Cassone who took the first and second respectively.

11 MAY 2012

Zandor once again topped the game with rider Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto. They won the Big Tour 130 cm in the Pazia Indonesian Grand Prix 2012.
Ferry and Zandor were only teamed on Saturday of last  week. Owned by Adinda Yuanita, Zandor was mounted by Ardi Hapsoro Hamidjojo during the SEA Games 2011. Early in 2012, Putri Hamidjojo took the chance to mount on Zandor prior to being replaced by Ferry.
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