Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto in the National Jumping Tournament Bremen-Oberneuland

Bremen's largest show jumping competition took place one week on the Forkert family course in Bremen-Oberneuland. This competition, which held from May 24 to 27, attracts various international successful riders. It is a true classic and a highest level jumping sport . In total, more than 200 athletes from 13 nations joined this .

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto, from the Equinara Horse Sports participated with the DeLaqours horses “Sonne Italien“ by Stakkato and "Countselo" by Contendro I. Equinara Horse Sports is the representative company for DeLaqour in Indonesia.

In this tournament, he rode Countselo (Nr.431) and Sonne Italiens (Nr.871) in the Springprüfung Kl. L. In the Springprüfung Kl. M * he rode Countselo with Nr.431 and Sonne of Italy with Nr.871.

Ferry was trained in Germany from 29 June to 2 July and has taken part in several jumping competition, as he strengthen national equestrian team at the Asian Games 2018. In this multi-event the equestrian sport will compete in 3 disciplines, namely jumping, dressage and eventing.

After 2 weeks of training in Germany, Ferry trains for another 2 months in the Netherlands.

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