Equestrian Champions League (ECL) - Series 3

Equestrian Champions League (ECL) is an equestrian competition organised by the two largest equestrian clubs in Indonesia, Equinara Horse Sports and APM Equestrian Center. This equestrian competition was held in order to support the fostering and development of equestrian sports, especially in Indonesia. This match is held in six different series, of which the first and second series were held last February and March. Meanwhile, the ECL Series 3 has taken place in 15 to 27 July 2020 where the APM Equestrian Center hosted the match. There are 12 classes competed in the ECL Series 3, 3 classes for dressage and 9 classes for show jumping. In contrast to ECL Series 1 and 2, ECL Series 3 was held whilst implementing a strict Covid-19 health protocol, in which the local health service and police were also involved to ensure that everyone who enters the venue has been accredited and passe through Covid-19 screening. Those who have passed the Covid-19 accreditation and screening process were required to wear a wristband as a sign that they were healthy and not infected with Covid-19. Nine different clubs participated in the ECL Series 3, those are Equinara Horse Sports, APM Equestrian Center, Almor Stable, Kurnia Stable, Aragon Equestrian Sport, Gamma Stud & Clinic, ZZ Stable, NPC Elang 45, Santa Monica Stable, Trijaya Equestrian Center and Highland Equestrian Center.

For class LD 1 (Preliminary German Test U-14) first place was won by Aleeya Herlambang with the horse Milady from Equinara Horse Sports, while for the class LD 2 (Preliminary FEI U-18), LD 3 (Elementary Open) and show jumping LSJ 1 (Show Jumping 100 cm) the first position was successfully won by Muhammad Akbar Kurniawan with the horse Camelias from Kurnia Stable. Furthermore, from the LSJ 2 (Show Jumping 110 cm Open) the first winner was won by the APM Equestrian Center athlete on behalf of Budi Tulodo with the horse APM Wadecky. Next, the LSJ 3 (Show Jumping 110-120 cm Art. 273.3.2) was a team match, where the Anoman team consisting of Asep Lesmana with the horse APM Levisto's Big Boy from the APM Equestrian Center and two riders from Equinara Horse Sports, Yanyan Hadiansah with the horse Bodius and Jundi El Wathon with his mare Olympio managed to secure the first position in the LSJ 3 class. Moving on to the LSJ 4 (Show Jumping 70 cm U-14), the first winner was won by Hans Hardany Kawilarang with the horse APM Nikita from the APM Equestrian Center club, while for the first position in the LSJ 5 (Show Jumping 90 cm U-18) was won by the Highland Equestrian Center athlete, Andika Saad Abdullah with the horse Nalini. Furthermore, for the LSJ 6 class (Young Rider 100 cm U-21) there was no winner in this class because the registered participants retired and eliminated. Meanwhile, for the LSJ 7 class (Show Jumping 120 cm Open) Muhammad Akbar Kurniawan with the horse Malika from Kurnia Stable managed to become the best in the 120 cm Open Showjumping class. Next, for the LSJ 8 class (Show Jumping 130 cm Open) Steven Showing with the horse Babriola from ZZ Stable managed to be the best in his class. Last but not least, for the LSJ 9 athletes from Aragon Equestrian Sport, Marco Momuat with the horse Chico's Lady managed to be the winner for the 140 cm Open Show Jumping class.

Jundi El Wathon action with the horse Olympio from Equinara Horse Sports athletes when competing in LSJ 7 class (Show jumping 120 cm Open)

Andry Sutoyo with the horse Jules managed to secure the third place in the Show jumping 110-120 cm class. In this class Andry paired with Marco Wowiling with the horse Sabrina. Both of them are athletes from Equinara Horse Sports

APM Equestrian Center young athlete, Euclia Purnama with the horse APM Jelita when competing in LD 1 (Preliminary German Test U-14). In this class Euclia managed to secure the third place

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