Equinara Pulomas Open (EPO) 2020 - Day 3

On August 16, 2020 Equinara Pulomas Open: FEI Jumping World Challenge & 1st Indonesia Pony Club Rally took place by the holding of nine classes as follows: CS-4 (FEI JWC Category B), CS-5 (FEI JWC Category B), CS-6 (FEI JWC Category A), CS-7 (Showjumping Children 50 cm Pony Class, CS-8 (Showjumping 60 cm Pony Class), CS-9 (Showjumping 80 cm Horse Class), CS-10 (Pony Club Mini Major), CD-4 (Walk Trot Junior Pony Class) and CD-5 (Preliminary Class). Among these classes, equestrian athletes from Equinara Horse Sports won six classes, that is of CS-4, CS-6, CD-4, CS-8, CS-9 and CS-10. For the CS-4 class, the Equinara Horse Sports athlete on behalf of Natasha Herjawan with the horse My Lord managed to grab third place, while for the CS-6 class Dirga Saputra with the horse Granadine managed to secure the second place. In the CD-4 class, Teuku Rifat Harsya with the horse Chelsea won the second place in the Walk Trot Junior for ponies. Meanwhile, in the CS-8 class Aleeya Herlambang with the horse Coco won the first place, while in the CS-9 class Cacu Cantiwa with the horse Captain Sparrow took the fourth place in the 80 cm Showjumping class for horses. Last but not least, in the CS-10 class, Muhamad Haikal Arobi with the horse Charmona who was paired with Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with the horse My Lord won the second place in the Pony Mini Major Class.

The Pony Mini Major class is the first equestrian rally in Indonesia, which was specifically joined by a horse rider paired with a novice rider. A novice rider is someone who had never placed in the 100 cm class. This jumping pair class has a hurdle height of between 50 and 115 cm with a total of 10 hurdles. Novice riders must go through the hurdles of one to five with a height of 50 cm, while the named horse rider must go through the hurdles of six to ten with a height of 115 cm. The Pony Mini Major class is a competition called the Indonesia Pony Club Rally. This competition is an innovation in the Equinara Pulomas Open 2020 equestrian challenge organized by Equinara Horse Sports. The Indonesia Pony Club Rally was formed to become a role model for organizing other sports pony competitions throughout Indonesia. The main reason to hold this competition is because Equinara Horse Sports realize that Indonesia is one of the largest pony producing countries in the world. For this reason, it will be very unfortunate if we do not optimize the ability of Indonesian equestrian specifically in sports pony and unable to compete with other countries. Through the Indonesia Pony Club Rally, Equinara Horse Sports wants to popularize equestrian sports, especially among children. Indonesia Pony Club Rally is the real manifestation of Equinara Gorse Sports to support the regeneration and development of equestrian sports in Indonesia.

The action of the Equinara Horse Sports athlete, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with the horse My Lord when jumping off the 115 cm hurdle in the CS-10 class (Pony Mini Major)

The action of young athlete of Equinara Horse Sports, Aleeya Herlambang with the horse Coco when jumping off the 50 cm hurdle in the CS-10 class (Pony Mini Major)

The joint officers from Satpol PP and Babinsa when supervising the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol during the EPO 2020

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