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A horse is the projection of people’s dreams on themselves. It is strong, powerful, and beautiful and has the capability of helping us escape our mundane existence.

It’s all started with our deep love with horses. We have long considered them as pals instead of only seeing them as sporting creatures. While humans are seeking the best of people to becoming friends, we are equally trying to find the best of horses available. We have a collection of very talented horses. Vendredi, Bodius, Samba and last but not least the big but yet agile, Zandor.

It is fortunate that we have Zandor. The bay gelding has become the pride of Equinara. He is sweet, honest, yet powerful.

Zandor reflects our strong desire to to be the best. We always think that only the best is good enough. We’re hoping that we can serve equestrian lovers the best service we have on horse supplies, breeding program, and so on.

We also hope Indonesian riders can thrive. We support Indonesian equestrian by giving awards for the potential riders. There are three categories: Indonesian Rising Star Award, U-26 Indonesian Top Rider Award and the U-26 Indonesian Talented Rider Award.

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Our high dedication to breeding horses of premium quality is based on the passion and love we have for horses. Just like our motto “The Passionate Pursuit of Premium Quality Horses”, we aim to produce the best horses in the world.

The best sport-horses in the world are bred in European countries, and Germany has one of the biggest and most complete breeding systems recognized worldwide. From stallion licensing, stallion performance test up to mare tests, Germany has it all. Complete and thorough study and also the production of excellent quality stallions and mares have set a record for an outstanding dam line over hundreds of years.

With combined experience of our management members that exceeds over 30 years of horsemanship, DeLaqour stands as a company that contains highly professional horse lovers. Since 1980 our management members have been successful in regional levels in Indonesia with our biggest highlight in 2011 and 2012 where we joined the SEA-Games and the World Cup. Since then we have established a supporting team in 2012 that is known for collecting trophies and ribbons at every equestrian event they have competed in. This team is called Equinara Horse Sports which is the representative office of DeLaqour in Indonesia. Through the unlimited love and passion we possess for our beloved four legged friends we formed DeLaqour Premium GmbH in Germany in 2014, focusing on high quality horse breeding.

With the demand of only providing the best for our clients and fellow breeders, we are eager to produce the finest horses arising from our passion to your heart.