Buying your first sport horse: What you need to pay attention to

If you are interested in buying a horse, prices under 2500 Euros are not recommended, and rather risky. But how do we know if a less expensive horse is a good buy or not? Here we share some tips for you so you can get the horse that is perfect for you.

Whether you are new or a regular in the horse industry, you know that buying horses is not cheap, that is off course considering the fact that you are really looking for quality and performance in horse.

When someone sells their horse for a low price, we usually start questioning why. Always make sure you check out the vices and bad habits of the horse. And also make sure they are healthy. If vices or health affect the performance of the horse it could be a good reason not to buy it. Unless you consult with an expert such as a trainer who can help you train the horse and overcome those vices and have minor diseases or wounds treated.

Here are some tips you can follow

1. Info-Check: Is the seller honest?

Make sure the seller gives you complete information. The less the seller says about the horse, you might face a few surprises later on. In this case less is not more. When you plan on getting a young or inexperienced horse, make sure the horse is at least used to riding equipment such as the saddle, bridle, lunge etc. This will make it a lot easier to start the training process as it won’t spook or be anxious around tack and in the arena. Another tip is to buy your horse at a breeder, cause they know the horse’s background, bloodline etc.

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2. Does the seller give you time?

Serious sellers will not put you under pressure. Even if there are other buyers, there should not be a deadline for you to decide. A trustworthy seller, who plans to sell their horse, no matter the cost and health of the horse, would never pressure you to make the payment. The seller should also be interested in the horse’s new home to see whether it is a worthy place.

3. Care check: In what condition is the horse?

Even if the horse is sold at a cheap price you should always make sure it is in top condition. Here is a little checklist for you to see what you need to pay attention to:

  • The horse should have a smooth, shiny coat.
  • The ribcage/ribs should not be visible
  • The hooves should be healthy
  • Make sure the horse shoe is new, a very thin horse shoe shows that the horse missed its last appointment with the farrier
  • The tail and the hindlegs should be free of any kind of dirt or feces.
  • Also pay attention to its breathing. Make sure the horse does not have a lung problem.
  • Check all the paperwork. Health records, x-rays etc. Make sure you do not miss anything

4. Trial

Ask the seller if you can try the horse. Not only can you test the rideability, but you can also check the habits, spookiness and you can also feel whether you have chemistry or not.

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