German Horse Quality – new seal of approval for horses “made” in Germany

The German horse breeding industry has introduced a new seal of approval: Every passport of a German horse must have a stamp of “German Horse Quality“.

The passport itself has been relaunched. It is no longer pink, but silver. In 2018 the first German Breeding associations have already began introducing the new color design. And now they have added the “German Horse Quality “stamp to identify German bred horses.

Dr. Klaus Miesner, director of the Breeding Division of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), explains that there is a reason for this : The demand of our Breeding associations is to have a common mark, in order to help recognize German horses in other countries.

There is also a new website associated with this matter :  www.germanhorsequality.com . This page can be viewed in German and English and provides you with an overview of tradition, breeding and achievements of German horses.

The objective of this page is to serve as the first source of information for those who are aware of the German Horse Quality seal of approval. Through this page you can also access the German breeding association websites.

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