Equestrian Champions League (ECL) - Series 4

After successfully holding the Equestrian Champions League (ECL) Series 1 on February 14-16, Equinara Horse Sports returned as the host of the ECL Series 4. Unlike the ECL Series 1 and 2, ECL Series 4 was taken place simultaneously with the ECL Series 3, held at the APM Equestrian Center, Tigaraksa, Tangerang. The ECL Series 3 and 4 started from 15 July 2020 at the APM Equestrian Center until 29 July 2020 at Equinara Horse Sports, Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas (JIEPP). As ECL Series was held during the Covid-19 pandemic there was a strict health protocol, where the whole show was directly supervised by DISPORA, Dinkes and local police. In this league there were 12 classes that were contested, 3 classes for dressage and 9 classes for show jumping. The dressage class was divided into LD 1 (Preliminary German Test U-14), LD 2 (Preliminary FEI U-18) and LD 3 (Elementary Open). Meanwhile, the show jumping class was divided into LSJ 1 (Show jumping 100 cm Open), LSJ 2 (Show jumping 110 cm Open), LSJ 3 (Show jumping 110-120 cm Open), LSJ 4 (Show jumping 70 cm U-14), LSJ 5 (Show jumping 90 cm U-18), LSJ 6 (Young Rider 100 cm U-21), LSJ 7 (Show jumping 120 cm Open), LSJ 8 (Show jumping 130 cm Open) and LSJ 9 (Show jumping 140 cm Open).

From Kurnia Stable, athlete Muhammad Akbar Kurniawan with the horse Braveheart managed to be the winner in two classes at once, LSJ 1 and LSJ 6. Furthermore, in LSJ 2 Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with the horse Olympio from Equinara Horse Sports took home first place. For the LSJ 3 team class, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with the horse Granadine from Equinara Horse Sports paired with an athlete from ZZ Stable, Alvaro Menayang with the horse Queen Alexandria placed first. Next, the first winner from the LSJ 4 was Athar Raji Ebiyanto with the horse Alladin from ZZ Stable, while for the LSJ 5 class, the top position was secured by Highland Equestrian Center athlete, Yani Iqbal Hermawan with the horse Imagor. Moving on to the LSJ 7, Jundi El-Wathon with the horse Olympio from Equinara Horse Sports managed to be the best in its class. Then for the LSJ 8 Steven Menayang with the horse Babriola from ZZ Stable succeeded in winning the first position, and last but not least for the LSJ 9 athlete from Equinara Horse Sports, Yanyan Hadiansah with the horse Bodius managed to secure the first place in the 140 cm Open Show jumping class.

The first winner in LSJ 2, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with the horse Olympio horse from Equinara Horse Sports when competing in the Show jumping 110 cm Open class

The officers from the Pulo Gadung Local Police and Satpol PP East Jakarta while supervising the ECL - Series 4 that was implemented based on the Covid-19 health protocol

Yanyan Hadiansah with the horse Bodius when doing an interview after winning the LSJ 9 class (Show jumping 140 cm Open)

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