Equinara Pulomas Open (EPO) 2020 - Day 1

Equinara Pulomas Open (EPO) 2020: FEI Jumping World Challenge & 1st Indonesia Pony Club Rally which took place on 15-16 August 2020 was quite different from the EPO in the previous year. This difference can be seen through the Indonesia Pony Club Rally competition, which is the first equestrian rally in Indonesia, specifically created for a horse rider who is paired with a novice rider (sports pony rider). Before athletes compete in the Pony Mini Major class on Sunday, August 16, 2020, officials from each club were required to undergo a pony measurement procedure. This procedure was held on Friday, August 14, 2020 at Equinara Horse Sports, where drh. Ardhinta Irawan, the Vet Commission, oversaw the implementation of the official pony measurement. This procedure is a provision regulated by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in accordance with FEI Chapter 9 Article 1082-1088.

The main purpose of the implementation of pony measurement is to classify horses and ponies, where in the FEI rules it is explained that what is called a pony is a horse with a maximum height of 1.48 meters without a horseshoe or 1.49 meters with a horseshoe. Ponies that have passed the pony measurement procedure were then entitled to participate in competitions in the sports pony class, such as the Pony Mini Major, Walk Trot Junior Pony and Show Jumping Children Pony in EPO 2020. For the Pony Mini Major class there are four teams, two teams are from Equinara Horse Sports, one team from Aragon Equestrian Sport and one other team from the Bandung Equestrian Horse Club. The winner of this class was won by Aragon Equestrian Sport athlete, Teuku Muhamad Nur Fahri with the horse Barca who was paired with Marco Momuat with the horse Fred. The implementation of the winner takes all system in this class has made athletes from Aragon Equestrian Sport entitled to bring home a prize of two million rupiah.

Pony height measurement by the Vet of Equinara Horse Sports team on 14 August 2020

In accordance with the regulations of the FEI Chapter 9 Article 1082-1088, the height of a horse that is classified as a pony is a horse with a maximum height of 1.48 meters without a horseshoe or 1.49 meters with a horseshoe

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