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Equestrian Champions League (ECL) - Series 3

Equestrian Champions League (ECL) is an equestrian competition organised by the two largest equestrian clubs in Indonesia, Equinara Horse Sports and APM Equestrian Center. This equestrian competition was held in order to support the fostering and development of equestrian sports, especially in Indonesia. This match is held in six different series, of which the first and second series were held last February and March. Meanwhile, the ECL Series 3 has taken place in 15 to 27 July 2020 where the APM Equestrian Center hosted the match. There are 12 classes competed in the ECL Series 3, 3 classes for dressage and 9 classes for show jumping. In contrast to ECL Series 1 and 2, ECL Series 3 was held whilst implementing a strict Covid-19 health protocol, in which the local health service and police were also involved to ensure that everyone who enters the venue has been accredited and passe through Covid-19 screening. Those who have passed the Covid-19 accreditation and screening process were required to wear a wristband as a sign that they were healthy and not infected with Covid-19. Nine different clubs participated in the ECL Series 3, those are Equinara Horse Sports, APM Equestrian Center, Almor Stable, Kurnia Stable, Aragon Equestrian Sport, Gamma Stud & Clinic, ZZ Stable, NPC Elang 45, Santa Monica Stable, Trijaya Equestrian Center and Highland Equestrian Center.


Equinara Welcomes Alpacca test

Our Breeding Company, Delaqour Premium GmbH, has been known for breeding the best German Quality horses in Germany. Recently, our broodmare Alpacca has been flown over to Jakarta and has made herself at home at the Jakarta International Equestrian Park.

Alpacca is a wonderful mare by As Di Villagana, a medium framed stallion who is a perfetct type for a riding horse. The stallion possesses excellent muscle, an outstanding topline and correct conformation. As Di Villagana has proven his talent through the influence of his show jumping pedigree with top results at the performance test. The stallion scored a 142,67 breeding value for show jumping. His scores were outstanding in all show jumping criteria, and the rideability criteria. In 2000 he won the Dobrock Championship for four-year-old jumping horses. He was then exported to the USA and had a remarkable career as a showjumper as he won many Grand Prix competitions.

Alpacca is the full sister of the licensed stallion Asti's Amsterdam who is approved for Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program. The bay stallion is not only special because of his influential pedigree, but also because of his outstanding achievements. Asti’s Amsterdam completed his 30-day performance test in 2004 with an overall score of 8.25, and 9..25 for style and 10 for his scope. He then continued to bloom with a wonderful victory at the 2005 Hannoverian Jumper Breeding Competition. The stallion then won various medium level jumper classes and qualified with a fifth place for the Federal Championship in 2007. Asti’s Amsterdam is registered with the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program.

Alpacca has produced several impressive foals. One of them is Grandeur. This foal’s sire is our own Grand Stakkato who was awarded the “Stakkato Prize” during the Hanoverian Stallion Show in Verden last year. Four stallions in total were honored for having the top scores for jumping or dressage at the 2015 stallion performance tests in Germany.

Zaganosh Dressage and Showjumping Championship 2019

Saturday 2 March 2019 - Equinara Horse Sports hardly ever leaves a competition without filling the podium no matter which level they join. It was another successful weekend for Equinara after Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Yanyan Hadiansyah rode their victory laps at the Zaganosh Dressage and Showjumping Championship 2019.

In the 105-110 cm class, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and My Lord finished second place with a clear round in the time of 19.43. Rafiq Radinal and Femke beat them by two seconds and placed first. In third place was Alvaro Manayang with Donitri who also finished with a clear round in the time of 51.16 seconds.

Yanyan Hadiansyah and Grenadine brought home the gold after a beautiful clear round at the 120-125 cm class. Following them in second place was Marcho Momuat with Comfortably and in third place was M. Akbar Kurniawan with Braveheart.

In the most prestigious class of the day, 125-130 cm, Ferry placed second with Zandor following Erwin M. Yoga with Count Contend in first place and beating M. Akbar Kurniawan with Braveheart in third place.

Equinara dominates the Podium again!

The Equinara Team never fails to make us proud. Once again we get to see Ferry and Yanyan cantering through  their Victory lap and sharing the podium. On Sunday, 27 January 2019, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Zandor have mastered their course and won the most prestigious class (140 cm) at the Aragon and Cavalry Cup 2019 at Denkavkud, Parongpong, West Java.
Following Ferry in second place was Yanyan Hadiansyah with Bodius. Both pairs rode their course amazingly and both horses were in top shape and helped in achieving the incredible results.
Previoulsy, Ferry placed second in the 120-125 cm class with Grenadine. And another impressive performance was done by our youngest rider Dirga who won first place also with our beautiful black mare Grenadine in the 110-115 class.
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